Revolutionizing Medical Effluent Management

Welcome to the future of medical waste management with HECS MediClear Packaged Effluent Treatment Plant (PETP). Designed specifically for hospitals, our cutting-edge solution ensures a safer and more sustainable approach to the treatment and disposal of medical effluent. In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, managing medical effluent efficiently and responsibly is paramount.

HECS MediClear PETP addresses this critical need with advanced technology and innovative design. Our system is engineered to handle a wide range of medical effluent, including effluent from laboratories, operation theatres, autoclaves, and disinfectants, ensuring that all effluent is treated effectively and safely disposed.


Plug-and-Play FRP Shell

Simplifies installation and operation, making it easy to integrate into your existing infrastructure with minimal disruption.

Multiple Inbuilt Chambers

Enhances efficiency in waste treatment, ensuring thorough processing and safe disposal.

Versatile Installation Options

Can be installed above ground or below ground, offering flexibility to fit any hospital setup.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Designed with sustainability in mind, MediClear helps hospitals maintain high standards of environmental responsibility.

Reliable and Efficient

Developed after months of rigorous research and development, our standardized units set a new benchmark for quality and performance in the PETP market.

Statutory Compliance

These units are designed to meet the local statutory requirements for hospital effluent management in most regions.


Effluent Sources:

MediClear is designed to effectively treat waste from laboratories, operation theatres, autoclave effluents, disinfectants, and more, ensuring safe and compliant disposal. Our system addresses the critical need for effective medical effluent management, essential for safeguarding public health and protecting the environment.

Laboratory, Operation Theatre, Laundry, Disinfection, Autoclave Effluent, Blood Bank.

Manufacturing Facility:

HECS has a state of art manufacturing facility for FRP based STPs and ETPs with a production capacity of over 500 units per year.