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Residential Sewage Treatment Plant – Technology, Cost and Maintenance

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant for Residences

Onsite treatment by HECS Packaged STPs and reuse of treated sewage at residences can help reduce raw water consumption by over 50% in residences, homes and villas. With constant water shortages plaguing various cities globally this can help tide over this crisis.

STPs are generally known for various difficulties encountered in operation of the same along with other issues such as noise and smell. Designed with this in mind, the compact mini STPs designed and manufactured by HECS ensure that these grievances are addressed.

HECS Suitability Installation Option
Suitable for residences with upto 10 members Above Ground & Below Ground
Suitable for residences with upto 25 members Above Ground & Below Ground

These units can be installed both overground and underground and are available from 2KLD upto 100+ KLD and come in compact FRP shell and installation of just 2 days.

Cost start from around 3 lakh+ INR for a small residential STP system. 

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